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Tiny Units

Nā te ringa tangata I hanga I te whare, nā te tuara o te whare I whakatipu I te tangata.

"The hand of a person has built this house, but the spine of this house has raised this person."

Those who build the house, are built by the house.


Spacious solution with a gable roof that creates a beautiful open space. The stylish and timeless design with contrast of bright timber walls inside and dark metal cladding outside will win you over.



This living Kōpū is where playful touches meet sophisticated design. Less is always more and each detail is functional which never stops to inspire you.



Timber external cladding with dark steel details make the house ageless. Large windows connect the interior with the exterior surrounding.

resized_MC2B_Photo - 1.jpg

Pi pī

This small simple multifunctional unit is designed in order to get as much natural light in as possible but also providing shade and natural ventilation during the hot summer time. 

1_Photo - 1.jpg


This tiny unit has great indoor-outdoor flow, having the large sliding doors allow for natural ventilation, natural lighting and draw the eye outside.

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